Manual On Avoiding Being Bullied


This book will talk about the various facets of bullying in our society. Bullying has become a phenomenon where persons often take advantage of another through engaging in overt negative and aggressive action in order to control a person, persuade a person, manipulate a person, make mockery of a person, or do harm to a person. This book shall focus on the various aspects of bullying in order to curtail, prevent and eliminate bullying as it exists today in our total society. That means in schools, the workplace and all other areas in which we as humans cohabitate, interact and engage.  This book will be able to inform you of what bullying is. It will provide you with the basic tools that will prevent you from being bullied, and give you various alternatives that can be utilized to avoid bullying. The material provided will also enable you to teach and share avoidance techniques and methodologies with others.