ifyou-mock-cover2Chapter 1 Introduction

This book is not written for fame or money, but to provide a nine step manual to develop and enhance all between the ages of nine to ninety nine years old. This book will provide a nine step map that has been tested over the years and not only has it been tested, it is proven to provide success, leadership, and wealth into your life socially, morally and academically.
It is a book designed exclusively for those who have hit a challenge in their life and they may have wondered why they have been denied an opportunity to go forward in their life. Forward as in reaching  out for the job of their dreams the career of their choice but they have been denied the opportunity to get on board.
It is certain that these nine steps will rekindle who you are, what you are and what you stand for. It is certain that successful people don’t want you  to read this book, because the reading of this book means less opportunity for many. You’re now a competitor; you now have the opportunity to become an employer instead of an employee. You will now have the opportunity to become a leader versus always being a follower. This book is touted as a leading book in the industry. It is not designed for those who are faint in heart, weak in mind, and those who are followers and not leaders; those who do not wish to be successful but just a ride-along. Keep in mind they all can’t go.