There are many reasons why this book is needed in our schools and in all test taking environment for school testing, learning, promotions, and to enable one to gain and retain knowledge necessary for success in their course work in school.  The inspiration for this book came about after a visit to a very large book store chain in search of a resource that would guide my son on how to study in preparation for taking standardized test. Looking through the isle of books, I observed that all the materials addressing this topic were large in volume, many comprising at least four hundred pages.  These books were a study in and of themselves, which in my opinion would definitely be useless and ineffective to teach the skills necessary to do well in standardized test. I knew then that there must be another way to present vital information on this important topic in an easy-to-read and practical way, so that one will be well equipped with the techniques that will help them to study and retain information in an effort to obtain successful results on standardized test.
Therefore, this book entitled, “Things That Teachers Don’t Know and Don’t Teach,” is a short, but powerful version, on how to study and take standardized test.